Hey Advertisers, Are You on Social Media?

Print is dead.  You may have heard that before, but in the age of an ever-growing technological industry, almost everything is found in the form of a PDF rather than between the pages of a binder.  While there is a sense of nostalgia felt around flipping through a magazine and bookmarking beautifully presented advertisements, it is just not enough in our fast paced society.  Our society thrives off of constant connection; what is the latest and greatest, what is “everyone” doing, eating, wearing, watching, and everything in between.  In the current advertising and public relations field, it is detrimental to keep up.  Especially when it is far too easy to fall behind.

“By 2020, mobile will be the biggest online advertising market, and video the fastest growing.  Companies specializing in certain ad formats like mobile, video, and television are attractive targets.  They are well positioned to take advantage of the fastest growing segments of digital media” (Business Insider, 2017).

Consumers are constantly increasing the amount of time spent on social media, which is why advertisers are continuously increasing advertising budgets projected on social media sites.  While Google and Facebook are currently the largest networks for advertisements, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat are becoming increasingly popular amongst the younger generations.  Sponsored posts and display advertisements are sprinkled throughout posts and pictures, capturing the attention of consumers who may be casually scrolling through a social media site.

“The relationship between agencies and clients used to be a lot more linear, says Richard Pinder, the former COO of advertising giant Publicis Worldwide and now CEO, UK & International of Crispin Porter + Bogusky. ‘Now it runs more like a PR or political campaign. If you have a read of what the market’s thinking today, it will probably change by tomorrow. So if you have an idea you better move pretty quick” (Management Today, 2017).

Ever-changing and ever-growing, that is the new normal of our society.  In order for advertising companies to keep up, they have to understand not only the ins and outs of social media, but how to connect with current and prospective consumers.  There is a delicate balance between showing display advertisements, and over promoting display advertisements.  Companies are striving for consumers to interact and click on their advertisements rather than unsubscribing and paying for the best advertisement-blocker  they can find.

“The more that technology companies and agencies can work together, the more they can figure out how to market in a way that works for the customer and pushes the customer to the center,” Lazerow said. “The power has shifted from company to customer, and agencies are forced to play in areas that they didn’t care about before—customer service, technology deployment, app development and social networks” (Adweek, 2015).

Social media is only going to continue to grow, change, and expand with the upcoming years, and it is crucial for advertisers to stand out.  It is detrimental to stand out without being swept into a sea of competing advertisements, which is why staying connected and knowing what is next is essential.  Digital advertisements are constant and immediate, so it is time to hop on board!

– Tessa Hergenrader


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