Technology: Benefits in Collaboration, Communication, & Sales

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Technology, arguably one of the most important aspects for businesses small and large.  Future clients, customers and influencers are flooding technology and social media, and one wrong move can send even the top companies backwards.  Technology controls every single move of the directors and managers of companies, and it is essential to be in the loop and caught up on current events and advancements.  Not only is it beneficial for the consumer, but it allows members of companies to connect in ways they never could before.

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How Social Media Affects Our Society


Social media, arguably the most important and influential aspect of our society.  It seems like everyone now a days is constantly streaming, sharing, and staring at their devices.  Where are you?  What are you doing?  Who are you with?  All crucial details that must be documented for the entire Internet to see.  After all, “pics or it did not happen”, right?!

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Personal Branding & Social Media


What makes you, you?  The clothes you’re wearing, your hobbies, your family?  Every single piece of you, even the tiniest detail, is relevant starting the day you’re born.  Childhood memories that shaped you into the human you are today, events that changed your life both positively and negatively, and how you choose to represent yourself every morning before you begin your day.  This is you, this is your life, this is your personal brand.

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